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There are many challenges to overcome in deploying Windows based software. Throughout the software development lifecycle, from development and testing, through to initial deployment and future feature and maintenance releases, shipping software to end-users is critical to the success of software teams. Publishers must provide a means of distributing software to the proper end-users for each stage in the software development lifecycle, install and maintain their software without over-burdening end-users, and remain knowledgeable on which end-users are running what versions of their applications. These are the challenges that AppLife helps publishers overcome.

The AppLife Software Delivery System

AppLife Engine

AppLife Packages include the self-contained Update Engine, which executes an explicit sequential list of defined actions on remote clients.

Server Dashboard

The AppLife Dashboard is where AppLife packages are published to and distributed to client systems. Access control, analytics and other centralized management features are found in the dashboard.

AppLife Manager

AppLife Manager installs on client systems. Once installed and connected to a publisher subscription, applications can be installed and maintained automatically.

Why AppLife?

AppLife is a complete turn-key software delivery system, allowing IT and Software Development teams to install and maintain custom software applications on network/internet connected Windows systems.

  • Automaticaly deliver software through AppLife Manager or the AppLife API to deployed systems
  • Perform any actions required to install and maintain custom Windows software
  • Perform elevated privilege operations without requiring ongoing administrative support
  • Secure delivery system with private key signature validation and two factor authentication publishing
  • Global monitoring of software rollouts to end-users for one or more applications
  • Identify the current state of software application version deployments throughout the user environment
  • Quickly review logs of failed version updates online to determine cause
  • Deliver installs/version updates to deliberate groups of users
  • Automatically resume delivery of software updates after network availability disruptions

AppLife Features

Add features through iterative development and publish changes. That's the modern software development life cycle. Today, literally all software needs to be updateable. AppLife povides the maintenance tooling you need, so that you can keep focused on improving your software.

Deploy New

Easily publish new applications to your Windows clients with AppLife Manager.

Control Access

Using Access Lists, control which clients access your applications and updates.

Secure Execution

Update packages are signed with your own private key and verified before execution.

Software Development Lifecycle
Update Existing

Use AppLife to keep your deployed Windows software up-to-date.


The AppLife Engine finishes successfully, or rolles back completely.

Elevate Permissions

AppLife Update securely elevates privileges for limited rights users during execution.

AppLife Update Subscription Pricing

Simple monthly pricing, based on the number of applications and clients(end-users).
All subscriptions start with a single application. Additional applications can be added at any time through the dashboard.

Includes everything. No hidden costs. No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Active Clients (Checked for updates in last 30 days) Price
under 100 $20
100 to 499 $35
500 to 1,499 $75
1,500 to 2,999 $150
3,000 to 4,999 $225
over 5,000 Call
Monthly GB Limit = [#total max clients] X .2 | Additional bandwidth charged at $.20/GB
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  • $20
  • Single Application

  • under 100 Active Clients

  • 30 day free trial

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