Access List API

The Access List API enables programmatic integration into AppLife access list management, allowing for a secondary system to Add lists, Remove lists, Add list entries and Remove list entries.  By utilizing the Access List API, a supervisory system can add and remove Client Access Keys from configured lists, thereby controlling the availability of applications and update packages through AppLife Cloud.


Note:  Access List assignments to applications and packages cannot be manipulated through the Access List API.  Only list contents are available to be modified.


Enabling the API


The Access List API must be enabled per application.  Once enabled, an API token must be generated.  A valid token is required to be submitted with each API method call.  Tokens are user specific and can be revoked.



Once the API has been enabled for an application and a token generated, it can be called from an external system. 


IP Address Filtering

If Publishing IP Address Filtering is enabled for the application subscription, external systems accessing the Access List API must also be included in filter list.