Set Shared Property Action

Adds or replaces a Shared Property value within the Update Context Shared Property collection.


Prepare Stage

No action taken.

Execute Stage

Backs up the original value if one exists, then sets or replaces the Shared Property value with the defined new value.

Cleanup Stage

No action taken.

Rollback Stage

Replaces the original value of the defined Shared Property if necessary.


Set Shared Property Action Editor


Action Description - Descriptive text that can be used to identify this particular action in the Actions list.


Shared property to set – The key name of the Shared Property that this action will set the value of.


Value type – Defines the type of value to set the shared property to:




New Value – The value to set the Shared Property to.


Expansion variables can be used to set the Shared Property name and the New value property.


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