Access Control
Access Control Lists
Access List API
Access List API Methods
Accessing Files and Folders
Action Base Path
Action Conditionals
Add & Replace Files Action
Add & Replace Files Files By Comparison Action
Add Attribute Action
Add Element Action
Add Folder Contents Action
Adding and Removing Applications
AppLife Features
AppLife Manager Quick Start
AppLife Service Registration Utility
AppLife Support
AppLife Windows Service
Authoring Custom Actions
Automatic Update Chaining
Backup SQL Server Database
Begin Database Transaction Action
Begin SQL Server Transaction Action
Building an AppLife Package
Cached Downloads
Change Node Action
Check File Exists Action
Check Folder Exists Action
Check for Update
Check Service Exists Action
Client Access Key
Client ID
Close SQL Server Connection Action
Command Line Build Utility
Command Line Registration
Comment Action
Commit Database Transaction Action
Commit SQL Server Transaction Action
Configure for AppLife Manager
Create File Shortcut Action
Create Folder Action
Create Registry Key Action
Creating And Testing Conditionals
CSharp / VB.NET Code
Custom Action Quick Start
Custom Data
Custom Forms Quick Start
Custom Publisher Code
Delete Files Action
Delete Folder Action
Delete Node Action
Delete Registry Key Action
Delete Registry Values Action
Deleting Client Information
Deploying the AppLife Windows Service
Download Verification
Execute Msiexec Command Line
Executing Packages
Expansion Variables (Shared Properties)
Failure Notification
Find Files Action
Find Service Directory By Name Action
Find Services By Assembly Name Action
Find your Publisher Code
Get Directory From Path Action
Get Filename From Path Action
Getting Packages
Ignoring Clients
Install .Net 4.x Action
Install .Net 5 Action
Install .Net 6 Action
Install .Net 7Action
Install GACAssembly Editor
Install Service Action
Installing AppLife Manager
Integrating into Your Software
Iterate List Action
Key Pair Master Password
License Agreement
Localized Update Process
Masked Add & Replace Action
Missing Action Placeholder
Open SQL Server Connection
Options Form
Output Window
Patch Existing File Action
Patch Folder Action
Prevent Application Restart
Project File Public Key
Project Settings
Publishing IP Filtering
Read Node Action
Read Registry Value Action
Read Version Number Action
Register Assembly
Register Library Action
Register Subscription
Remove Service Action
Removing Versions
Replace Files On Restart Action
Replace Public Key Action
Restart Operating System
Resuming a Failed Download
Run Action List Action
Run Command Line Action
Run SQL Server Query
Run Windows Installer (Msi)
Service Registration
Set Application Directory Action
Set Display Version Action
Set Registry Value Action
Set Shared Property Action
Set Update Version Action
Shared Lists
Simple Quick Start
Simple WPF Quick Start
Start Application Command
Start Service Action
Stop Service Action
Subscription Properties
Supporting Remote And Offline Updates
The AppLife Engine
The AppLife Manager UI
The AppLife Windows Service
Throttled Rollout
Transacted Database Query Action
Transacted Stored Procedure Action
Two Factor Authentication
Uninstall GAC Assembly Editor
Unregister Library Action
Update Context
Update History Command
User Experience Options
Viewing AppLife Manager Clients
Welcome to AppLife Quick Starts
What Are Custom Actions
What is AppLife?